We've got some really awesome Maine meteor videos in our best of list! [VIDEOS]

The latest and greatest Maine meteor video was captured from a police car's dash cam. The whole world saw it on social media. In fact, the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum is offering a $20,000 award to find a good sized meteorite from this event. They are not easy to find, however.

We did find some great video of several meteors flying across the Maine sky. Here's our "Top Five Maine Meteor Videos"

Keep in mind the terms: meteor, meteoroid, meteorite. We're not getting that exact. We just want to show you some cool Maine meteor, meteoroid, meteorite fireball videos

  • 1

    Dash Cam Meteor


    The viral video that everyone is talking about. A Portland police camera caught this meteor. Listen to the officer's surprise.

  • 2

    Timelapse Meteor Shower

    Sebec Lake

    A nice timelapse video of a Peresid Meteor shower over Sebec Lake in Maine - plus, lightning!

  • 3

    Daytime Fireball Meteor


    Oxford Maine had a daytime meteor appear over the sky in 2014. The fireball is bright even in the sun.

  • 4

    Nest Cam Meteor


    Look over to the right of the screen and you'll see the meteor in Windham flash through the sky. The shot was captured on a nest cam.

  • 5

    Meteor Spoof

    Somewhere in Maine

    Last but not least - for a little fun. This video is titled "Maine Gets Hit by Meteor" It has special effects - and is a joke. The little girl barely escapes the incoming meteors.