Our Taste of Country Music Festival is this summer and the line up of awesome country musicians is a must see! Here are the best 5 apps we think you should have when you come to the festival.

  • 1


    Instagram - one of our favorite apps. Instagram helps you create beautiful photos that look cool and effortless. The nifty app offers one of a kind filters and borders making every photo unique. Another feature we love - you can share your photos with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers instantaneously.


  • 2

    Find My Friends

    Find My Friends - at a festival you can alway lose your friends in the crowd, but with Find My Friends app, you will be able to track their location. Just download the app, sign in with your Apple ID. Make sure that the rest of your friends also have the app - that way you’ll always know where to find your besties.

  • 3


    Via.me - is another photo sharing app that we love and recommend you download. Unlike, Instagram, with Via.me you can take and upload festival videos and share them with your friends to watch. Who knows you might bumped in to Hunter Hayes at the festival!

  • 4


    Djay - Before you hit the arenas, your friends and you can listen to your favorite country artists. The cool app allows multiple users to sync and share their music libraries, then mix them up.

  • 5


    Shazam - this is a must have app. Say you are listening to a new song your favorite artist just debuted but you don’t know the name of the song. Simply turn on Shazam and the app will tell you everything you need to know: name of the song, artist's name and bio, and also from where you can download the song + more.