Tiny homes and houses are the craze. It's an affordable way to own your own place - and save on electric, heating, maintenance and more. Are they practical for us in Northern Maine and Western New Brunswick?

Some of the benefits of living in a tiny house are less debt, reduced expenses (furniture and decorating) and family bonding.

Below is a video tour of a couple's minimalist house. You can see they seem to have everything they need - with some luxuries too.

The drawbacks of such a tiny home are things like privacy, storage and space. The people in this video try it out for awhile and give their feedback.

There's a wide variety of styles and materials to build your tiny dream home. In Northern Maine & Western New Brunswick, the advantages are consistent with saving money on heat, building costs and maintenance. It's also a good starter home too - you can always add on.

Would you live in a tiny home? At what point is the family too big for such a small space? Let us know here and on our facebook.