Talk about Throwback Thursday! A time capsule from 1913 was recently found in Caribou, UMPI has a time barrel sealed for 2039, and Boston's historical Paul Revere and Sam Adams treasure.

In January, a snow plow accidentally dislodged a time capsule in Caribou from the corner stone of the Gray Memorial United Methodist Church. Here are the contents according to the Bangor Daily News and the Aroostook Republican & News:

Silence filled the room as, one by one, Rev. Bentum revealed items such as a 1913 edition of the Aroostook Republican, an issue of the Epworth Herald and copy of the Christian Advocate, all of which made mention of the church’s dedication. Church documentation such as a statement of pledges for the building fund, a copy of the church’s deed, a description of the church, two postcard photographs, and a copy of the church’s dedication program also were found inside the time capsule. A United Methodist Conference yearbook, Quarterly Conference nominations, and a 1910 dime were among other items stored inside."

The church had searched for the time capsule to celebrate their centennial, but, at the time, were unable to find it in 2013.

The University of Maine Presque Isle opened a time capsule in March, 2014 for the 175th anniversary of Aroostook county - as well as created a time capsule to be opened in 2039 for the county's 200th anniversary.

Also, just over two months ago, Boston retrieved a time capsule from Paul Revere and Sam Adams. The video below shows some of the historical items.

These time capsule are so precious - getting to see the actual items from those time periods is a great historical record for all generations.