Watch Elvis' crew prep for his arrival by putting foil on the windows to block out the sun at the Maine Mall Sheraton. They also rope off the entire floor of the hotel for security. Plus, see and hear Portland getting ready for the show (that never happened) in 1977.

We cued the video up to the good part. You see Portland, Maine at it's finest - from the city skyline to the KFC sign saying: "Elvis & Col. come in & get a free chicken" to WGAN announcing Presley's show (and doing a music format - how classic can it get!)

You also get to see the King's crew (pimping their red tour jackets) as they lay out Elvis' cool sunglasses, his belts & bedazzled suits, monogrammed pajamas, and put the beer on ice

The preparations for the King's arrival are way awesome. So sadly, he would never make it. Elvis died at Graceland on August 16th, 1977. The Portland show was scheduled the next night.

No matter what, it's good to be the King!