Well, I think spring is here in Maine, however, looking out the window you might have second thoughts about that. When spring gets here, this is how we roll!

People in Maine and the North East love to snap photos and show what they enjoying doing during the good months. Here's what some of us will be enjoying this Spring if it every really gets here.

Let's get this thing kicked off in the RIGHT direction! Lobstah and Tatters!

Lobster Boil with Corn! Oh man, it's coming! Soon, we hope!

Killer Cinnamon Rolls!

No cell phone, no radio, no nuthin'. Just you and Mother Nature! Ahhhhhh!

Well, we're hoping anyway. Right?

Even your dog can't wait for you to roll the windows down!

Here's a one-stop shop!

A little fishin' with the boys!

The snowmobile trails turn into 4-wheeler trails! Can't wait!

A nice breakaway from indoor videos, video games and more computer time!

Enjoy the spring, especially if it ever gets here!