The Third Annual White Cane Walk started off in downtown Presque Isle last week to promote safety awareness for those who need a white cane to get around.

Josh Archer - Townsquare Media

A handful of people met at the parking lot next to Wilder's Jewelry Store where Becky Brady, Orientation and Mobility Instructor for the Division for the Blind and the Visually Impaired, handed out canes to each participant.

Josh Archer - Townsquare Media

The group made their way around downtown Presque Isle with their canes on display. According to the walkers more people show up every year.

Larger walks are held throughout the state including one in Portland and Bangor.

Josh Archer - Townsquare Media

The goal of the walk is to remind the public about individuals who depend on their canes.

Being the son of a legally blind parent I was taught that it's the responsibility of the sighted to be aware of those who are visually impaired and be safe.

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