In the 1977 version of 'Pete's Dragon' Pete is a nine year old orphan trying to escape from his evil adoptive parents with his dragon friend Elliot. Elliot can become invisible when he needs, or wants to. They make it all the way to Passamaquoddy, Maine and end up living with a lighthouse keeper named Nora and her father Lampie. They work together to keep the dragon hidden from Dr. Turminus who wants the dragon for medical uses.

In the 2016 version, Pete is a boy who's been living in the woods in the Pacific Northwest for 6 years with his dragon Elliot. He's not running away from any adoptive parents. He just lives in the woods. They are found by a forest ranger who recruits her father and others to help Pete find out who he is and the truth about Elliot. However there is a group of hunters who want to capture the dragon.

I don't know why they moved Pete and Elliot's location clear across the country. Part of the magic from the original movie was the fact that it took place in a beautiful little coastal town in Maine. There's no Nora the lighthouse keeper, there's no Lampie, Nora's father who enjoys his booze a little too much. And there's no evil doctor trying to steal Elliot away. I'm sure the movie will be good, just not as good as the original.