It was a great night of monster truck racing, trick riding, quad racing, rides on the monster trucks, Hot Rod the Clown, and lots of fun!

A capacity crowd of over 3,000 + people showed up at The Forum Fairgrounds in the Star City, brought to us by 2Xtreme Racing.

Not everyone was able to attend, so we shot a few photos of what you missed. If you went and have photos of your own, feel free to share your monster truck experience in the comments section below.


From Jackson, Maine - 'Crustacean' in the trick jump!

Ryan Guerrette, Townsquare Media

'Bounty Hunter' - Driven by rookie Christian Norman! 

Ryan Guerrette, Townsquare Media

Maine's 'Crustacean' getting air!

Ryan Guerrette, Townsquare Media

They so enjoyed our turnout and enthusiasm, the Monster Truck Show is talking about coming back to Presque Isle, with other events and monster trucks, in the near future.