The key to creating a song under pressure is finding common ground, and that’s what Lena Stone, Tenille Arts and Jessica Roadcap did — and quickly — before writing “Harder to Do” at a YouTube popup songwriting challenge in Nashville.

The trio barely knew one another (Roadcap and Arts had never met), but they all gave a knowing nod when Stone suggested a heartbreak song. "Harder to Do" is about getting over a lover — or trying to, anyway. Stone’s initial idea morphed into something unique and personal to the popup trio. The result is a ballad with three layers of harmonies.

“I tell myself when I see you out / That I won’t cry, I won’t break down / Who am I kidding / This getting over you / Is easy to say, harder to do.”

During the YouTube popup event, different groups of #LetTheGirlsPlay artists were all challenged with writing a song with strangers in under three hours. This is the fourth of five episodes that show both the results and the process. Stone, Arts and Roadcap make it look easy during their two-minute-long "making of" video, but others struggled, using every last second to craft their song.

Each of these songs ends up on the Song Suffragettes stage. That's the weekly Monday night showcase at the Listening Room in Nashville. Stone was Taste of Country's featured #LetTheGirlsPlay artist in December 2015. A new artist is spotlighted every month.

Listen to Lena, Tenille and Jessica Sing “Harder to Do”