I was shocked to find out that Maine is leading the nation as the #1 state in cancer related deaths. How is that possible?


Since cancer has been linked to ethnicity and our population is nearly 90 percent white that puts us at a higher risk of developing cancer - one type or another. After I find out that I became concerned and curious - so I read the Maine Cancer Report, hoping to find better news there.

“We believe a lot of it has to do with lifestyle and a lot of geographic barriers to health care in the upper part of the state,” said Dr. Sheila Pinette, state health officer. “People not eating healthy or taking care of themselves and smoking.”

Unfortunately the report states that Maine will receive 9,000 new cases of cancer in 2012. That means 9,000 new people will have to hear from their doctors: ‘You’ve been diagnosed with cancer.’

So what can we do to reduce that number? What can we do to save a life?

Doctors have always recommended to take a look at your lifestyle: stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, smoking, and not getting check ups regularly can lead to cancer.

If you are serious about staying healthy and setting an example for your loved ones than make a pledge to yourself today to quit smoking, start eating healthier, and enjoy a few walks outside a week.

Small adjustments in your routine can lead to a clean bill of health!