A "dad bod" and a beard - a modern male image. How accepted are beards which are supposedly not clean? What about a "dad bod?" It's not exactly a work of art, but it is what it is. 

Even if reports that beards are "unclean" in a bad way, men will keep their beards and wear them with pride. Some are saying the study was not thorough and this really is not the case.

We're sort of figuring out the beard thing - because for awhile, it was the craze.

So, is the "dad bod" is a good thing? It's described as not being out of shape, just not in shape. Our body image in culture for men and women is skewed. Acceptance of your body image is a good thing, right?

Many of us in the County and Western New Brunswick have beards and "dad bods." We don't go to the gym everyday, but we work hard and try to stay healthy. With that said, we'll proudly wear our beards and accept the "dad bod" as a good self image.