You might be from the country if: your first pet was a chicken, you drove a tractor to prom, or you ask Santa to bring you ammo for Christmas. But if you’ve also ever said any of these 13 phrases, you’re almost definitely a good ol’ country boy or girl.


Over yonder/down yonder/up yonder: No matter which way you need to go, everything is yonder always.

Y’all: This one refers to everyone from your unruly kids (“Y’all quit rastlin’ in there!”) to your coworkers (“Y’all wanna try that new restaurant that jist opened up over yonder?”).
He fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down: It won’t do to just say someone is rather unfortunate looking. Nope, if you’re a country boy or girl, you pull out this Southern elementary school insult.
Reckon: There’s no thinking to this one. Down south, we don’t ponder or pontificate. We reckon. And we reckon that’s the best dern way to go about it.

Git ’er dun: Coined by the ultimate redneck, Larry the Cable Guy, this hilarious phrase has become a staple southern saying. Bet you even said it in his voice, didn’t you?

Warsh: Most people tend to leave out letters (think “probly”) rather than add extra ones in. But when your grandma tells you to do the laundry, you better warsh your clothes.



Fixin’ to: No, you’re not about to go the store; you’re fixin’ to go. Are you also fixin’ to fix the leaky faucet?
Madder than a wet hen: If I were covered in tons of feathers and only had useless wings to work with and I was soaking wet, I’d be pretty perturbed too.
Too big for your britches: What southern grandma hasn’t said “Boy, you better watch it. Yer gettin’ too big fer yer britches?” at least three times a day?
A hankerin’ for: Whether we want an ice cream cone on a hot summer day, a warm fire in the winter, or a hot bath after a long day at work, we country folk have a hankerin’ for it.



Knee high to a grasshopper: Wanna whip this one out in everyday conversation? Next time you’re somewhere you haven’t been since you were a child, just say, “Last time I was here, I was knee high to a grasshopper.”
Varmint: Used to describe any creature from a housecat to a dead armadillo on the side of the road.
What other words and phrases have given away your good ol’ country boy or girl status?