The Freeport Flag Ladies have been standing every Tuesday morning on the corner of Main and School streets in Freeport since 9/11 in support of our troops. Today though, they stood in support of the men and women in blue. 

Carmen, Elaine & JoAnn have been standing on the streets of Freeport for over 15 years between 8 and 9 Tuesday mornings to show their support for our troops. Today however, with the recent events in the news, the ladies took to their Facebook page to invite people to join them and stand in support of police officers serving locally and across the nation.

The Flag Ladies were joined by about 50 other people to stand and honor the men and women who risk their lives daily to protect us.

The weather couldn't have been better as supporters stood on the corner as drivers passed by honking their horns and waving to add their support.

You have to admire these ladies dedication and patriotism as they bring a community together to show these men and women in uniform how much we appreciate what they do for us.