The first charter school in Maine history opened doors on Monday welcoming 46 students from 27 different school districts. How would the new school impact our education system?


The Maine Academy of Natural Sciences at Good Will-Hinckley will focus on educating students on agriculture and environment science. The campus is located in Central Maine - founders of the school said about the location that is perfect for its forest and farmland.

'We are proud to be home to the first charter school in Maine because it represents a new chapter in the educational opportunities that are available to kids across the state who haven’t fared as well as they should in traditional classroom settings,’ aid Good Will-Hinckley President and Executive Director Glenn Cummings.

The school currently offer campus housing to those students who live too far away to commute to school everyday. The Harold Alfond Foundation philanthropic organization vowed to donate $1 million to be used for building additional residential housing.

Charter schools are funded with state money and offer alternative methods of teaching. The Maine Academy of Natural Sciences at Good Will-Hinckley aims at enrolling close to 90 students next year.

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[Source: Associate Press]