It's that time of year where guys and gals alike are out and about in our area hunting, whether it be for partridge birds, ducks, moose, deer, or what have you. Now I'm no hunter, but I do love one fall tradition that surrounds hunting.


I love the annual hunter's breakfasts that go on around in our area, and there are plenty of them!

Saturday, October 20th is Youth Hunting Day around the state. So what better chance than to hunt with your children and take them to an annual hunter's breakfast!

If you're an early bird like me, if you're a hunter, or even if you just like breakfast food, I've got some hunter's breakfasts for you that are happening in our area.

  • How about the Borderline ATV Club's Annual Hunter's Breakfast at  Caswell Elementary School on Saturday, October 20th from 5 AM to 9 AM.
  • The Fort Fairfield Frontier Fish & Game Club will host its annual Youth Day Hunter's Breakfast on Saturday, October 20th starting at 5:30AM.
  • Free Hunter's Breakfast for men hosted by Bridgewater Full Gospel Assembly from 7AM to 9AM on Saturday, October 20th.
  • Dont' miss the 65th Annual Hunter's Breakfast at the Presque Isle Fish & Game Clubhouse on the Parson Road in Presque Isle on Saturday, October 27th from 4AM - 8AM. The meal includes two eggs, bacon, sausage,home fries, pancakes and toast all for only $5 per plate.
  • There will be a Hunter's Breakfast at the Linneus Sno Sports Clubhouse on Saturday, October 27th.


Happy Hunting.... And Eating!