Taylor Swift's cameo on the 'New Girl' season finale was short and memorable. The singer appeared as "Elaine," a wedding guest that remained in the background until the show's climatic moments. At the end of the episode, she ran off to get married, bringing an end to one of the show's season-long plotlines.

The episode was centered on Cece's (Hannah Simone) arranged marriage to Shivrang (Satya Bhabha). For viewers, it seemed unlikely the wedding would actually happen, but Jess (Zooey Deschanel) believed it would, and as the Maid of Honor, she was out to protect the bride. Schmidt (Max Greenfield) set out to sabotage the ceremony after he sensed Cece's call for help.

A series of pranks involving a white stallion, an air horn and 'Cotton Eyed Joe' slowed the ceremony down, but it didn't come to a grinding halt until Jess and Nick (Jake Johnson) fell from the ceiling. They were in the air ducts having a heart to heart after the University of Wisconsin mascot Bucky Badger got loose -- the latest of Winston's (Lamorne Morris) heavy-handed pranks.

Finally, with the wedding altar destroyed, Cece admits she wants to be with someone else (Schmidt), which comes as a relief to Shivrang. He confesses there's someone else he's yearned to be with as well. Enter "Elaine," who stands up and professes her love for Shivrang.

"Oh Shivie, I've loved you since the first grade," Swift's character shouts from the wedding gallery, wearing a face country fans will recognize from countless awards shows. She's all heart and excitement, adding, "You are not too short from me, I don't care what your mother says."

"Let's go to Vegas and elope," Elaine says as the two go running down the aisle.

The episode also sorted out Nick and Jess's sloppy and sudden relationship, with the two deciding to remain lovers after a series of squabbles and obstacles. Schmidt now has to decide between Cece and Elizabeth (Merritt Wever), the anti-Cece he rekindled a romance with thinking he could no longer have his Indian princess. That's the big cliffhanger for next season of 'New Girl.' Instead of deciding, he ran away from the two women.

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