Taylor Swift is a highly public person who lives a very private life. Because of her fierce determination to shield much of her personal life, she explains that the only time fans get the real truth is in her albums.

Although she's still touring the world with many of her 'Red' tracks leading the way, the songstress is also focused on writing her next album, where she'll bare some details through music and lyrics. "I'm so excited,” she told Capital FM (quote via Entertainment Wise). “There's so much that's happened in the last year-and-a-half for me to draw inspiration from, that it's really going to be very interesting.”

Adds the 23-year-old, "The only time that I ever get to really express to my fans what actually happened in my life is in my music. Anything that they might hear is a fictionalized version of it."

Swift has shared hints along the way about her upcoming and already highly anticipated fifth album, simply saying it will be well-rounded emotionally and is taking a different turn than than anything she's done before. But fans can expect that to hear her confessional lyrics in story form, like so many of her other hits. And it won't just be for the fans, but for Swift's peace of mind as well.

"That for me is the one common thread – the storytelling aspect," she said. "The lyrics that tell exactly what happened. It's for me, the one chance that I have to really have that connection with my fans that is not fictionalized."