When caring for children, the response seems to be better when you care about what they love, first. The 'Teddy Bear Clinic' helped bring a great message to them.

TAMC used the 'Teddy Bear Clinic' to help promote their new Aroostook Pediatrics Office located in Caribou this week.

Jennifer Robichaud, the clinical supervisor of the new Aroostook Pediatrics, said,

"The Teddy Bear Clinic is an opportunity for kids to come in with their teddy bears and baby dolls and get familiar with what happens at the doctors' office and makes it a little more comfortable for them and a little less intimidating."

The Aroostook Pediatrics Office is located on Bennett Drive in Caribou.

Check out the video and see what all good staff at the new Aroostook Pediatrics did to help patch up the 'owies' on the kids' dolls, dinosaurs, and stuffed animals.