The Aroostook Medical Center (TAMC) announced today that it has received a two million dollar gift from the Next Generation Foundation. At a ceremony held inside the partially completed oncology center, hospital executives and patients unveiled the gift, and explained how the generous contribution will expand and improve the quality of center care and treatment in Northern Maine.

Ryan Gavin spoke to TAMC President & CEO Sylvia Getman about the scope of the gift and what it means for healthcare in the County, as well as Betty Durmond, a cancer survivor and current Aroostook Cancer Care patient.

The grant from the Next Generation Foundation establishes A $1 million endowment for cancer patients to ensure they can access services, supporting transportation, and other costs associated with receiving care that are otherwise not covered and present financial hardship to those who cannot afford it. The other $1 million is designated to support efforts currently underway to establish a new Aroostook Cancer Care Center, which will include state of the art radiation therapy technology, an expanded chemotherapy infusion area, and a new integrated software for the center.

Dr. Arjun Sood, TAMC's lead oncologist, explains the scope of the Next Generation Foundation's $2M gift to the Aroostook Cancer Care Center. Ryan Gavin / Townsquare Media


The Next Generation Foundation was established in 2000. Its mission is to improve health, education and social support for the most vulnerable populations in Maine.

TAMC Executives and cancer survivors sign a support beam in the new Aroostook Cancer Care Center at TAMC. Ryan Gavin / Townsquare Media