Aroostook County – As the deadline for open enrollment in the government’s Health Insurance Marketplace draws near, Aroostook County Action Program is partnering with TAMC to host an information and enrollment session at the hospital’s conference center on January 28 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

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ACAP is part of a statewide network of certified Navigators trained to help people shop for affordable health insurance coverage. The open enrollment period began on November 15, 2014 and will close on February 15. The process of shopping for health insurance can be confusing, which is why TAMC and ACAP are partnering to help.

“The open enrollment period for the Health Insurance Marketplace is ending soon, if a person wants to get coverage for and avoid a penalty for 2015 they must act fast,” explained Dawn Roberts, who is ACAP’s community education specialist/healthcare navigator.

The Health Marketplace offers a variety of health coverage options to meet individual needs and budgets. Most people using the Marketplace will qualify for some sort of savings.

Roberts will kick off ACAP’s Health Insurance Marketplace educational session with a PowerPoint presentation on the Marketplace that will shed light on the program and provide valuable information for those seeking coverage. Roberts will also offer a question and answer session designed to take the mystery out of the health insurance buying process.

After the presentation and question and answer session, persons interested in receiving a quote or signing up for health insurance can do so right on site.

“People who wish to enroll at the event need to bring social security numbers or numbers for legal immigrants for all members of the family; birthdates for everyone; paystubs or other income information for the household; policy numbers from current health insurance plans and information about health insurance they can get from a job; e-mail address with password; and a cell phone if they have one,” said Roberts.

Anyone interested in more information about the Health Marketplace, or anyone who wants to shop for coverage or to receive a quote should attend the education session. There is no charge to attend the event. In addition to receiving information about the plans, cost-sharing and tax credits, attendees will receive assistance filling out a Health Marketplace account and help enrolling in a plan.

“TAMC is thrilled to host ACAP’s Health Insurance Marketplace educational session,” said Dr. Jay Reynolds, TAMC’s chief medical officer/chief clinical officer. “This event is a simple, yet highly informative way to research your Affordable Care Act healthcare options. Too many people choose not to seek care when they need it because they do not have insurance.”

TAMC and ACAP are working together to help as many people as possible get coverage to help pay for medical costs so that people can stay healthy. Even outside of this education session, ACAP is still there to assist people looking to explore their coverage options. As a Navigator Consortium, ACAP staff can provide in-person assistance at no cost.

“We have training and knowledge about the program, we are fair and unbiased, and we can protect your privacy,” said Roberts.

Since ACAP is unaffiliated with any insurance company, they will never steer a person towards any particular plan. Their goal is to help minimize the cost while maximizing understanding of the available programs.

“Signing up for health insurance can seem complicated, but with an experienced guide by your side, it can be easy,” said Dr. Reynolds. “We encourage everyone to look into their options as soon as possible to determine if you qualify. ACAP provides expert assistance through this process; we’re proud to support their efforts.”

There is no pre-registration required to attend the event. Anyone seeking more information can contact ACAP at 1-800-432-7887 or (207) 764-3721. To find information about local Navigators or certified assistance, visit, or, or apply by phone at 1-800-318-2596.

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