Unionized nurses at TAMC returned to work on Sunday morning, July 24, after striking for 48 hours at the Presque Isle hospital. Patient care was not interrupted during the strike, according to Jay Reynolds, MD, chief medical officer.


“We are happy to have our nurses back taking care of our patients. The professionalism of our nurses as well as the nurses who were contracted to provide patient care during the strike was exceptional. The transitions between the two groups both on Friday, when TAMC nurses went on strike, and Sunday, when they returned, went smoothly,” said Reynolds.

“Our patients and the organization benefitted from the dedication of the TAMC nurses who chose to work, the skills and experience of the replacement nurses, and the commitment of not only our clinical nurse leaders but our entire management team,” said Reynolds.  “Patients had the quality care that they depend on from TAMC.”

TAMC and the Maine State Nurses Association have met seven times between April and July to negotiate a new contract.  Tentative agreements have been reached on 16 proposals; however, a small number of issues remain outstanding.  With the strike now over, the hospital is in hopes that negotiations will soon continue.

“We appreciate the important role our nurses provide in patient care. They absolutely make a difference in patient safety, outcomes and satisfaction.  We will continue to negotiate with the union to ultimately come to an agreement that is in the best interest of our patients, our nurses, the organization and the community as a whole,” said Reynolds.