TAMC honored its employees who have reached milestones in their tenure with the healthcare facility.


(Above) TAMC Interim President Glenda Dwyer thanks Vanda Cousins (left) and Annie Larrabee (right) for 40 years of service to TAMC.

A celebration took place in the Campus Center at the University of Maine at Presque Isle where TAMC recognized 153 employees at its 2016 Employee Service Awards ceremony.

Any organization will tell you that its people are the heart and soul that steers the ship,” said Glenda Dwyer, interim president of TAMC. “It’s our honor and privilege to recognize our employees for the years of service they have dedicated to TAMC. Because of the compassion each of them brings to our patients, residents, co-workers and friends, we can truly say that TAMC is more than a hospital.”

Employees were presented service awards for milestone years ranging from five years to 40 years of service to TAMC.

Five employees were recognized for reaching 40 years of service: Joyce Allen of Presque Isle, manager of Medical Staff Services; Vanda Cousins of Mars Hill, long-term care secretary at Aroostook Health Center in Mars Hill; Annie Larrabee of Blaine, a CNA at AHC; Kathy Roope of Presque Isle, pathology secretary for TAMC’s Laboratory Services; and Devi Young of Presque Isle, mammography technician at TAMC’s Imaging Services.

Honored for reaching the milestone of 35 years of service were: Joanne Cote of Ashland, manager of Financial Services; Jane Egeler of Presque Isle, lead tech  for TAMC’s Laboratory Services; Shelly Hewitt of Caribou, director of operations for TAMC Medical Group; Marc Lauritsen of Presque Isle, CDM/Payor contracting specialist in Financial Services; Kathy Marston of Presque Isle, staff RN and clinical educator for TAMC’s Women & Children’s Health; Janice McCue of Presque Isle, lead tech  for TAMC’s Laboratory Services; Deirdre McMahon of Presque Isle, echocardiographer in TAMC’s Imaging Services; the late David Privette of Washburn, biomedical tech in Clinical Engineering; and Pamela Woollard of Blaine, RN supervisor at AHC.


(Above) In attendance at the ceremony, celebrating 35 years of service to TAMC were (l to r) Janice McCue, Marc Lauritsen, Jane Egeler, and Joanne Cote, with Glenda Dwyer, interim president.

Recognized for 30 years of service were Debra Allen of Mars Hill; Lisa Cyr of Easton; Mary Easler of Washburn; Connie Godin of Caribou; George Montee of Fort Fairfield; and Dr. Stephen Martin and Kim White, both of Presque Isle.

Awards for 25 years of service went to Lori Churchill of Fort Fairfield; Audrey Hartford of Washburn; Faye Kimball of Westfield; Mary McCarthy of Mapleton; Travis Norsworthy of Fort Fairfield; and Susan Forbes, Nancy Kinney and Marcy Wilcox, all of Presque Isle.

Twenty year service awards were presented to Linda Allen and Alison Ireland of Presque Isle; Susan Berube and Doris Churchill of Washburn; Carrie Bretzke of Limestone; Christen Hobbs of Perham; Liane Koch of Wade; and Tina Lorenzo of Blaine.

Employees honored for 15 years of service from Presque Isle were Nancy Cronkite,

William Deschesne, Nancy Escobar, Deborah Hitchcock, Linda Shaw, Shirley Howlett, Mallory Lopez, Lisa Martin, and Clarina Nadeau.

Also celebrating 15 years with TAMC were Brenda Baker of Fort Kent Mills; Lavenia Bouchard and Carrie Cronkite of Westfield; Wanda LaFrance, Carrie Haas, David Cowley and Melissa Cowley-Perry of Easton; Julie Goodine of Upper Kintor; Christine Gallagher, Sheri Johnston and Beverly Chasse of Fort Fairfield; Walter Mosher of Blaine; Russell Spittle of Mars Hill; and Lynn Jandreau-Potter ,Angela Gallagher, Heather Michaud and Barbara Turner, all of Caribou.


(Above) Attending the ceremony and serving TAMC for 30 years were (l to r) George Montee, Dr.Stephen Martin, Connie Godin, and Lisa Cyr, with Glenda Dwyer, interim president.

Thirty-eight people were recognized for 10 years of service.  Those honored from Presque Isle were Vicki Jackson, Courtney Lovely, Stephanie Graves, Ronnette Griffin, Elaine Fortin, Dr. Quang Nguyen, Jason Sharpe, Carol Nightingale, John Cummings, Holly Daly, Farrah Cayer, Sharman Clark-Letourneau, Chris Bridges, Denise Adams, and Deirdre Ames.

Also recognized for 10 years at TAMC were Dr. John Beaulieu of Mapleton; Vickie Belanger and Linsley Hews of Ashland; Henry Bouchey and Tina Bouchey of Washburn, Stephanie Budreau,  Darren Donahue, Judy Hennessey, Nicole McCullough and Lorena Sullivan of Easton; Jill Codrey of Woodland, Samantha Cullins-Ginson of Lindsay; Daniel Gahagan II and Christine Newland of Limestone; Tammy Grass and Amanda Saunders of Caribou; Allyson McQuade and Kelly White of Mars Hill; Dr. Silvia Merida-Copeland of Fort Fairfield; Kelly Michaud of Masardis; Tina Murphy of Westfield; Cheryl Porter of Bridgewater; and Beth Quint of Hodgdon.

TAMC’s five year service award recipients from Presque Isle were Chrystal Albertson, Dr. Oyebisi Aremu, Jordyn Barnes, Tecia Barrett, Anthony Briscoe, James Campbell, Janna Clukey, Chelsey Craig, Lisa Dickinson, Roland Joy, Christine Fortin, Angel Hebert, Cathy Kinney, Corey Lajoie, Danielle Ludington, Kara Mahan, Tamara Packard, Lauri Ryan-D’Aquino, Natasha Tompkins and Jodi Tash.

Also honored for 5 years of service were Lisa Beaulieu, Michelle Caron, Erika Cochran, Lonnie Doody, Erica Martin, and Nicky Pelletier, all of Caribou; Stacey Brooker, Amanda McQueen, and Kayla Stubbs of Fort Fairfield; Susan Busse, Pamela McClung, Shelby Miller, Whitney Pinette, Rebecca Palmer-Bugbee, and Rebecca Searles of Mars Hill; Randi Brewer and Amber Pratt of Easton; Heather Bresett of Van Buren; Deborah Bussiere of Woodland; Timothy Doak of Stockholm; Dr. Joseph Field of Oro Valley; Kristen Hebert of Smyrna Mills; Teresa LaReaux of Haynesville; Trudy Lilley of Masardis; Adam Plourde of New Sweden; Katharine Putnam and Christine Scott of Washburn; Linwood Shaw of Westfield; Tammy Soucy of Connor; Carrie Stetson of Blaine; Patricia Thibodeau of Wade; Tammy Thompson of Mapleton; and Andrea White of Ashland.