You may not feel it now, but rest assured that Spring will be here sooner than you know. Awaiting us will be the new Splash Pad in Riverside Park, Presque Isle.

When you step onto the Splash Pad, with all of its colorful features, you can't help but think of fun for your kiddos. The Splash Pad in Riverside Park is nearing completion and will be ready for tenants in the Spring.

We caught up with Chris Beaulier, Parks and Recreation Director for Presque Isle, who said,

"It's (the Splash Pad) designed for about 150 kids. Combined with the bark and the renovation of the existing building, it was about $600,000."

Initially, he hoped the park would cost under $400,000.

Taxpayers should be pleased when they are able to bring their families for a day of fun in the Splash Pad and the hope is that the park will help with downtown revitalization efforts, which are ongoing.

The Splash Pad doesn't require a lifeguard because there is no traditional size pool, but Beaulier said they may have staff on hand for the first few weeks to ensure there are no problems.

The Splash Pad was given the go-ahead for construction by City Council earlier this year.

However, construction around the Splash Pad will continue as park benches, sitting areas and a playground have yet to be installed.

Beaulier said they will be open for business when a warm day hits the Star City in the Spring of 2018.