The Maine Fire Marshal’s Office has charged two students at St. Joseph’s College with throwing acid bombs from their dormitory room.


The two young men are accused of throwing three of the devices from a second story window late Wednesday afternoon. Two of acid bombs exploded when they hit the ground near an emergency exit at Standish Hall, according to Public Safety Department  spokesman Steve McCausland.

No one was injured, but more than 100 students were inside the building at the time. State Fire Marshals were called to the campus by college security.

Fire investigator Dan Young charged 19-year-old Brandon Ward of Houlton  and 18-year-old Victor Santos of Framingham, Mass. with criminal use of explosives. Santos and Ward are both freshmen. They were summonsed to appear in Cumberland County Superior Court  on April 16.

An acid bomb is typically made up of household solvents placed inside a plastic soda bottle and explode in a chemical reaction.  The result is an acidic spray that can cause serious injury to those who come in contact with it.

Saint Joseph’s College is a Catholic liberal arts college located in Standish, in southern Maine.


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