In August of 2008, Keith Anderson released his album C'mon! Among the project's 11 tracks is a song called "Somebody Needs a Hug." Written by Anderson, Bob DiPiero and David Lee Murphy, the tune was released as a single that same year and landed on the country charts (peaking at No. 46). Below, Anderson tells The Boot about the family "tradition" and TV comedy that helped inspire the song.

I'm a hugger; I'll just walk right up and give you a huge hug. It comes from my family: My mom and dad both have a lot of brothers and sisters, and whenever you see one of them, you're going to get a hug. I got used to it -- getting those full-frontal hugs and kisses from Aunt Bootsie or Aunt Rosie and Aunt Sissy.

So we were laughing about that, and then David Lee brought up the episode of According to Jim where Jim Belushi has really screwed up but doesn't know it. His wife walks in the door, and Jim knows she's mad, but he doesn't know he's the cause of it. He just looks at her and says, "It looks like somebody needs a hug" -- you know, the typical guy ... He's just gonna fix it.

So we were talking about that, and laughing, and then decided to write about it.

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