After saying it has recently come to his attention "that a contract executed by the Maine Military Authority was underbid, resulting in unexpected costs to Maine taxpayers and putting good-paying jobs at Loring Development Authority in jeopardy," Governor Paul LePage has effectively stopped the funding for a multi-year bus refurbishment project in northern Maine 

LePage said he "has major concerns" and expects more details in the coming weeks to become available about MMA’s $19 million contract with Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority.

Brigadier General Douglas A. Farnham, who serves as Adjutant General for the Maine National Guard and also as Commissioner for Department of Defense, said he "intends to discuss the issue with MMA staff and Massachusetts officials and act appropriately.”

Senator Angus King visits Maine Military Authority in Limestone, July 28, 2016 (Senator Angus S. King, Jr. Facbook)

The Maine Military Authority has more than 50 employees in at the Loring Commerce Center in Limestone. It entered into the contract in late 2014 to refurbish 32 articulated transit buses for MBTA.

The Governor and U.S. Sens. Angus King and Susan Collins announced two years ago the contract would be important for the Aroostook company after MMA laid off 140 workers when the National Guard didn't not renew a military vehicles refurbishment contract.

The MMA is about a third of the way through the MBTA contract.