Are you struggling to figure out a last-minute gift for your Dad, husband, or boyfriend? Of course, your Mom, wife, or girlfriend just might love them too. The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has the perfect suggestion!

Hunting and fishing licenses for 2015 are available online and at over 800 licensing agents statewide. You can pick the license you want to purchase, or get a combo license, which combines hunting and fishing. That way, they can enjoy an entire year of outdoor sporting and not have to be bothered with getting and paying for their licenses!

I did this several years ago for a friend who loved to hunt and fish. It took a little sneaking on my part, because I needed his old license in order to get the new one. But it was totally worth it when I saw his face on Christmas. He was so impressed that I would think of that as a gift!

Getting the license is easy. Just log onto Moses, the IFW's licensing website, enter the recipient's information, and you can print it out. Then just wrap it up or stick it in their stocking!

You can also purchase some cool gifts from the IFW website, like Inland Fisheries Wildlife logo apparel, The Maine Way Cookbook, passes to the Maine Wildlife Park, or the opportunity to support wildlife efforts with the purchase of a Maine Birder Band or Heron Sticker. For more information, log onto the Maine Department of Fish and Wildlife's website!