Some people are just not comfortable with the fact that some people have the intuition and ability to receive messages from loved ones from above. Some people are more open to the idea.

Maureen Hancock

A spirit medium is a person who communicates with spirits telepathically by hearing, feeling, and seeing visual impressions, symbols, and scenes from the spirit world or heaven. A medium is able to receive and connect with the higher frequencies or energies that our loved ones in spirit vibrate on.

For Maureen Hancock, the messages are the thoughts and impressions of your loved one in spirit.  Her interpretation of this fast moving information and images gets transmitted to the recipient through a reading.

Maureen says " My translation can be a little off at times but usually, about ninety percent of the information makes sense at the time of a session and there’s a good chance any information not understood at that time, might make sense later. Names of the living and of those past are always brought up in a reading. Your loved ones on the other side like to acknowledge who they are, who they are with and those that are left behind. They don’t show up holding a sign saying, “I’m Billy, forty-two years old, a Gemini, and I enjoy long walks on the beach.”

We had a chance to have Maureen do a couple of spiritual readings earlier today with a two people from our office here at Townsquare Media in Presque Isle. Our Engineer, Andy Rebscher, is a skeptic. Our Sales Associate, Abi Ireland, is a believer. Have a listen to the audio!

The good news is that Spiritual Medium Maureen Hancock will be coming to the County! She'll hold an event called Postcards from Heaven at the Caribou Performing Arts Center on Wednesday, July 16th. Tickets are on sale now. Get yours here!