Spencer's Own recently released their first-ever music video, for their single "Livin' in the Moment," and they're giving The Boot's readers the first chance to see the behind-the-scenes footage from the experience.

Nathan, Morgan, Jordon, Nic and Quinn -- all sons of Spencer Williams -- make up Spencer's Own. The country quintet grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho, and moved to Nashville to pursue their musical dreams. They released their eponymous EP in November, and "Livin' in the Moment" is their first song to receive a music video treatment -- not surprising, as the band recently revealed to The Boot that it is, collectively, their favorite tune on the project.

The song, explains Nate, is about the "moments that you should stop and embrace and take in before they’re a memory." Fans can see that concept reflected in the finished video, and the behind-the-scenes clip above shows what happened behind the camera -- and it's a lot more than meets the eye.

"The biggest surprise was just how much detail goes into making everything connect in the right way, from filming scenes with the actors to our performance sets, making way for the song to take flight in a visual form," Spencer's Own tell The Boot. "Performing together and seeing the video come to life was an awesome experience for us."

Directed by Shawn Worlow (Prince, Elton John, Tina Turner), the "Livin' in the Moment" music video itself was created by a desire to "capture the idea of "Livin' in the Moment" in a music video." The band explains, "We wanted to extend the video beyond a love story. "Livin' in the Moment" is a love song, but the heart of living in the moment is about stopping and taking in those moments in life that are special before they are a memory. Some are sweeter when shared with someone else, and some are harder to come by but evolve into memories of a lifetime."

The add, "Our manager sparked the idea of using a storyline that would include multiple characters that cross paths in daily life. So we came up with the concept of multiple characters, each with their own storyline and their own set of distractions. At some point in the video, they cross paths and are influenced by another character's set of circumstances."

In the "Livin' in the Moment" clip, there's a waitress, a newborn baby (actually Nic's son!), a father-daughter relationship and more. Each storyline tells a small story, yet they all intertwine in the end -- and the place they all cross paths is at Shari's Restaurant in Twin Falls. It's a real-life spot, one of the band's favorite late-night stops in their hometown.

"We will have a big meal at Shari's the next time we go back to Twins," says the band -- and when they do, they'll likely get the "insane" strawberry banana split pie.

The Spencer’s Own EP is available for download on iTunes. In addition to the behind-the-scenes video above, fans can see photos from the set below.

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