It might not look like it now, but Spring really is right around the corner. Soon the snow will melt, the water will rise and it will be time to get out on the river and do some fishing. At least that is what Medway native Barry Davis is hoping for.

Two Rivers Canoe & Tackle Facebook Page

A new line of canoes being manufactured in Dedham, Maine by boat builder Chris Briggs, will soon be available at Two Rivers Canoe & Tackle in Medway.


Two Rivers Canoe & Tackle Facebook Page


Susan McCormick - TSM

Two Rivers owner, Barry Davis, says that the faithful Scott Canoe Hudson Bay Freighter is a thing of the past.

Davis explains.

People are swarming to Medway to get their hands on the new Maine Freighter that is being made specifically for the Medway business.

If you're an avid canoe-er, fisherman, or even if you just love being on the water, you should check it out.