At first glance I should be pretty pumped up that after the season opener the Patriots are 2-1 right?

They played and beat a Minnesota team that had an anemic offense mostly because of the loss of Adrian Peterson and won. Then they take on the Raiders which I would think is a mortal lock and it comes down to an interception by Vince Wilfork, Vince freaking Wilfork to seal it for them. Right before that play the Raiders had a touchdown run called back after a phantom holding call, so realistically that game very easily could have gone to overtime. The offensive line looked in the words of Charles Barkley "Turrrrrrrible" and more specifically Nate Solder let defenders get past him like a rusty gate. However the most pressing issue is the fact that Tom Brady was okay,  Tom Brady should never look okay under any circumstances. It's just unacceptable behavior of TB12. Maybe it's the weapons he has I don't know, but he hasn't been the same guy in my opinion since 2012. Next week will be the true test when they travel to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs. That is when we can make a more honest assessment on what this team is all about.

Side note, this is something I've never seen before, a Kowski was involved in every scoring play.