We all saw the footage of Tony Stewart hitting and killing Kevin Ward Jr. on August 9th at Canandaigua Motorsports Park. What is conveniently left out is that Stewart wanted to race the next day.

Of course his public relations guy stepped in and told him it was probably not a good idea. Also I'm sure Stewart probably realized that was a mistake to go hit the track the next day. So I'm torn on this topic when it comes to whether any further legal issues should come into Stewar'ts path. Since the tragic death of Ward no charges were brought against Stewart, and there won't be in a criminal court, however it has come to light that Ward's family has said ''the matter is not at rest,'' and Stewart may still face a civil lawsuit.

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In the weeks after the accident Stewart became a recluse staying mostly to himself and shunning any of the public spotlight that comes with being one of the most visible drivers in NASCAR. Do you think that the mental anguish of being responsible for another person's death is punishment enough or do you think a civil suit is necessary? At the end of the day Ward's family can't bring him back, and in my opinion money can't buy them any solace. I want to know what you think should they push through with it or move on and try to find peace?