Roller derby has taken Aroostook County by storm, which is no surprise, as roller derby is the fastest growing sport among females in the country! Aroostook Roller Derby is proud to become the 6th roller derby league in Maine; four of the other leagues are women’s only, with only one men's league in the state.

Aroostook Roller Derby

Roller derby is primarily played on flat tracks, where players wear quad roller skates and circle the track in a pack. Only one person on each team, called the jammer, can score for their team while the rest, called blockers, try to keep them from scoring.

Coach Bounty has been playing roller derby since February of 2013, for a league downstate, and decided to start a league up here in Aroostook County! She says, “I heard about roller derby, and I wanted to start it up here IMMEDIATELY. I think we need this up here. And we have the tough, resilient culture of womanhood to pull it off. But I needed to go away and join a league to learn about sisterhood, teamwork, and derby. Now, thanks to my CMD [Central Maine Derby] sisters, I am able to bring derby up here. Starting a league up here has not been easy at every step of the way, but it has been rewarding already!”

The first official Fresh Meat class for Aroostook Roller Derby started on October 22nd at Melody Roller Rink in Caribou. Bounty has taught the 20+ skaters how to skate properly, different drills including falling correctly to reduce risk of injury, crossovers, jumps, weaving and skating backwards. Once they pass certain skills, they will be able to practice contact skills, and eventually scrimmage within the league, with bouts against other teams following.

Aroostook Roller Derby practices once to twice a week in the Caribou area and will be hosting a meet and greet and demo night on January 28th, with their next Fresh Meat class starting February 4th.

Interested in joining? For more information on joining the next Fresh Meat class or events that ARD skaters are attending or hosting, you can check them out on Facebook or email them at