Perhaps Stephen King will base his next book on an unusual phenomenon currently taking place off the coast of Maine in which scientists have discovered that not only are lobsters reproducing like mad, but they also appear to have turned to cannibalism.

In a new video produced by the people at Climate Desk, marine biologists reveal that due to overpopulation in the lobster communities, these tasty sea creatures have quite literally started to feed off each other. Researchers from the University of Maine have video evidence of bigger lobsters savagely consuming the smaller, baby lobsters. We have officially deemed this phenomenon The Maine Lobster Claw Massacre.

And while it is wild and weird to think that lobsters have resorted to such drastic measures as a means for survival, experts say that the situation for Maine lobstermen is almost as dire as it is for the small lobsters. No, the fishermen are not eating each other yet, but the lobster boom has had a serious impact on lobster prices – causing lobstermen to work harder for the same amount of money.

So there you have it Mr. King - the plot to your next bestseller.