This week, Bruce Poliquin, voted to opposie a measure that would potentially harm the environment while having no direct benefit for Maine’s small businesses and communities.

Maine’s Second District Congressman, Poliquin released a statement addressing the measure and his vote against party lines and House leadership:

I don’t work for any political party or special interest group in Washington,” said Congressman Poliquin. “I work for the families of Maine’s Second District, with every vote I make.

He continued by emphasizing Maine's natural beaty and resources:

Every year, thousands of tourists and travelers come to enjoy our State’s unique beauty, providing for hundreds of thousands of jobs. Additionally, people from all over the world savor Maine lobster and Maine’s wild blueberries. They use Maine’s forest products to make paper, homes and furniture. Mainers know a clean environment is a building block for a strong state economy. It is critical that we protect our State’s pristine environment—Maine’s brand—especially when this measure would have no direct benefit for Maine’s small businesses and communities.  I am proud to stand up for our outdoors and our State’s staple industries with my vote.”