Maine’s Second District Congressman, Bruce Poliquin, toured the Norridgewock New Balance facility this week.

Bruce Poliquin

(Above: Poliquin continues fight to protect more than 900 jobs across Maine and urges Pentagon to use high quality, Maine-made products)

Bruce Poliquin visited with workers and members of management at the Norridgewock New Balance facility this week.  During the visit, Congressman Poliquin expressed his strong support for the athletic shoe manufacturer and discussed his leadership in urging the Department of Defense to use New Balance products for their recruits.

We want these American-made shoes to be on these American men and women who are keeping us safe and free—period,” said Congressman Poliquin during the visit.

Congressman Poliquin has been working to add language in this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would require the implementation of the Berry Amendment, a measure that requires the Department of Defense to use products that are made in America when available.

New Balance, an employer of more than 900 hardworking Mainers, has committed to reengineering its manufacturing operations to produce an athletic shoe that is 100% American made and fully compliant with the Berry Amendment.  Congressman Poliquin has been leading the effort in having our Nation’s Military Men and Women use these Maine-made products.

Bruce Poliquin

(Above: A New Balance manager displays the 950, the model of athletic shoe that is designed for military members, with Congressman Poliquin)