Congressman Bruce Poliquin’s Iranian Leadership Asset Transparency Act passed through the House Financial Services Committee with bipartisan support.


In a 39-20 vote, with 6 Democrats supporting the Iranian Leadership Asset Transparency Act, Poliquin released the following statement:

As the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, Iran has consistently violated its people’s basic human rights and has ignored United Nations sanctions against its dangerous weapons programs,” said Congressman Poliquin.  “They simply cannot be trusted.

The Iranian Leadership Asset Transparency Act will publicize the assets associated with members of Iran’s tyrannical government leadership, including the Supreme Leader of Iran, Members of the Council of Guardians, Members of the Expediency Council and the top military leaders.

This bill will allow the world to see how the top Leadership in Iran facilitates human rights abuse through funding pilfered from the Iranian people.  It will allow financial institutions to see in public form the type of assets associated with these individuals and hopefully better focus anti-money laundering efforts.

The Department of Treasury would submit a report to Congress on the assets under control, how the assets were acquired and how they are used by these top political and military leaders.  The report would be submitted to Congress and available on the Treasury’s website in English as well as the 3 main languages used in Iran:  Farsi, Arabic, and Azeri.

What’s more, the leaders we identify in this bill are estimated to control as much as a third of the economy of Iran. We need to show the world and frankly the Iranian people what the leaders of Iran are doing.”