With the holiday season upon us, you're urged to use care and attention when out on the roads.


Sgt. Marc Violette of the Grand Falls RCMP says, “Winter weather conditions, combined with an increased number of vehicles traveling on our roads, mean that all drivers have an important role to play when it comes to keeping our roads safe and ensuring that they and other motorists arrive at their destination.”

The RCMP will be conducting patrols and checkpoints over the holidays, watching for all types of motor vehicle infractions, including the use of seat-belts, speeding and impaired driving.

“If you decide to drink, don't drive,” adds Sgt. Violette. “It’s illegal, and having a designated driver, taking a cab or using a service like Operation Red Nose can ensure that you and others on the road get home safely.”

Anyone who suspects an impaired driver is encouraged to call 911.