The RCMP in the Atlantic Provinces along with the Halifax Regional Police are launching a social media campaign this week to continue to help raise awareness about impaired driving. 


The campaign is aimed at getting people to plan ahead when going out to celebrate the holiday season as opposed to making excuses to police for driving impaired.

Police officers and emergency responders know first-hand the tragic effects impaired driving related crashes have on families and communities. They are the ones who see, all too often, the consequences when someone chooses to drive after drinking rather than finding another way home.


This week the RCMP in the Atlantic Provinces and Halifax Regional Police are going to highlight some of the excuses police officers hear when dealing with impaired drivers. There is nothing funny about drinking and driving; all the excuses do is demonstrate that the driver should not be behind the wheel.   An excuse will not prevent an impaired driver from injuring themselves or others or even killing someone should they be involved in a crash.

This is National Safe Driving Week in Canada and on December 4, 2015, the RCMP in New Brunswick is joining police forces across Canada to crack down on impaired driving as part of National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day. Drivers can expect to see multiple police checkstops not only on December 4, but all week.

Driving while impaired is a crime in Canada and is the number one criminal cause of death in this country. This holiday season, rather than make excuses, take action before going out and plan ahead by taking a taxi home from festivities involving alcohol, have a designated driver, or if at a residential party ask the host to stay the night. Any of these options will allow you to enjoy the holidays without an excuse and without the possibility of being involved in a crash that causes serious injury or worse,  death.

The goal for the RCMP in Atlantic Canada and the Halifax Regional Police is to not have any motor vehicle collisions involving alcohol this week.  Remember to drive sober and if you see a motorist you believe to be impaired call 9-1-1. That call may save a life.