A fire that destroyed a rental home in Woodstock on Thursday was ignited by a propane torch being used to thaw frozen pipes. 


Woodstock Fire Chief Ricky Nicholson tells us that his department had initially responded to the one-storey bungalow at 163 Charles Street at 5:37 a.m. for a separate call.

The Woodstock Fire Department arrived to find the tenant had dragged a burning sofa bed outside, that had apparently been too close to a space heater, Nicholson said.  Crews quickly extinguished the blaze, and there was minimal damage to a single room.  The man was treated at the hospital for smoke inhalation and minor injuries to his left hand.

About 5 hours later,  Woodstock firefighters were called to the house for a second time after smoke was reported pouring from the front door.  Chief Nicholson says the property owner was trying to thaw out frozen pipes with a propane torch, when it caught the house on fire.  The building had several additions which made the fire more difficult to control, Nicholson added.

The Woodstock Fire Department remained on scene for several hours. The house was gutted by the fire.  There were no injuries reported.