The Presque Isle Rotary Club kicked off tonight their 65th Annual Radio and TV Auction. The event started at 7 p.m. until 10 p.m.

Listeners and viewers can call in and place their bids for items they would like to purchase. It’s a three night event - Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Each night different items will be auctioned, but rotary club member Ralph McPherson said that certain items will be available on all three nights.

‘All the money raised from our auction will go back to the community,’ McPherson said. ‘Rotary club will donate the money to several organizations including a special project.’

Sister Mary O’Donnell Shelter was selected as this year’s special project. The Rotary Club has made a pledge to donate $25,000 that will be use to purchase new lockers and bunk beds for the shelter.

Some items for auction on Tuesday included:
Weekend for two at Moose Point Camps
$250 Gift Certificate to Northern Maine Community College
$200 Gift Certificate toward any bridal and prom dress at Philips, Olore, Dunlavey & York

You can place a bid for any item by calling 764-6181 or 1-866-902-2003.