This morning, president Barack Obama released a new video, where he revised his position on the classification of the internet and urged the FCC to support Net Neutrality.

The president's statement this morning is important in two different ways: First, it is the clearest indication we have had from him about his position on the internet itself. By urging the FCC to reclassify the internet as a whole, the president is suggesting we treat the internet as a vital utility, and not a product.

And finally, the President has been largely quiet on the decision before the FCC on Net Neutrality until recently. While the Federal Communications Commission is an independent agency, his support for reclassification and Net Neutrality could tip the balance of the commission.

For more information about Net Neutrality and why it's important, check out these articles at the ACLU and Save the Internet.

Not everyone is in favor of Net Neutrality, though. This morning, Republican senator Ted Cruz of Texas called the plan "Obamacare for the internet."

YouTube / The White House