Police are searching for a man suspected of stealing cash from several businesses in the Hartland and Woodstock area. 

Steve Frost/ThinkStock

Acting Sgt. Carter Stone of the Woodstock Police Force says a man walked into the lobby at the Best Western Hotel early Thursday morning and asked for change for a $100 bill.  When the employee started to hand over the $20 bills, the suspect was reported to have grabbed the money from her and ran out of the building.

Stone said the man pulled off similar thefts at a number of other businesses Thursday morning.  He said the suspect is known to police and it's only a matter of time before the thief is apprehended.

Woodstock police, along with RCMP were stationed along various routes as the hunt for the man continued on Friday.   Police said they were looking for a grey Chevrolet Cruze with the license plate NDS-215.

If you have any information that may be helpful, please call the RCMP detachment in Woodstock at 325-3000 or the Woodstock Police force at 325-4601.