I think it's fair to say the 2014 Patriots have finally shown up. A lot of the so called experts had the formerly undefeated Bengals winning this one handily. Much to their chagrin it was never a contest in the Pat's 43-17 trouncing of Cincinnati.

One local writer threw out the numbers and predicted a New England victory. Everything on paper may have looked like Cincinnati had the advantage, however there is something about Tom Brady in the spotlight that puts all the stat geeks in their place.
Jared Wickerham/ Getty Images
Brady looked angry from the outset and that's a very good thing for Patriot's fans. He threw for 292 yards which is a season high. It was also the way he commanded the offense that was the most impressive. He was in control from beginning to end in orchestrating the win. It didn't hurt that Gronk went for over 100 yards receiving in the W. In fact the two tight end offense really looked like they were clicking on all cylinders all night. Tim Wright caught one of two Brady touchdowns from the Tight End position. Defensively the Patriots kept the Red Rocket Andy Dalton pretty much in check the whole night. Overall Cincinnati looked like they never got off the plane. Hopefully this momentum will carry New England to a victory next Sunday in Buffalo. The good news is Brady is back!