After a week five beat-down of undefeated Cincinnati do we know who the 2014 Patriots are?

No we don't, one game does not make a team, just like the previous week's loss to Kansas City couldn't define them. I'm not sure a win over a Kyle Orton led Bills would give us any clearer indication who this team is, that's why I'm gonna get all Belichickian and just worry about the game in front of them.

Lets break it down by position. At the Quarterback spot we have an absolute mismatch of epic proportions. Do I need to say it, really? Fine, Brady is better than Orton every day of the week and twice on Sundays! No walking boot for Brady today, don't even go there he's fine. Orton played well last week in his first start, but that won't carry over to this week. He was retired a month ago. Plus it's Tom Brady, moving on.

Tom Szczerbowski/ Getty Images

In the backfield I'd ordinarily take Buffalo's two headed monster of Spiller and a questionable Jackson (Mostly because I have Spiller in fantasy) however Ridley and Vereen have looked very good of late. Advantage Patriots.

The receiving core of the Patriots definitely outshines that of the Bills. I think if they are clicking with TB12 today, at least 3 touchdowns via the passing game.

Defensively The Patriots dominate in every category except rushing yards allowed. They have improved a little bit after Kansas City, but the Bills have some explosive backs, this does make me nervous. However not enough to take Buffalo. New England wins this one handily.

Patriots 31 Bills 10