Aroostook County - Lights, camera, action has never been so simple!  Thanks to a $10,000 grant, a new learning environment will be open in the E. Perrin Edmunds Library at Northern Maine Community College. 


State-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge software developed by IT professionals at Penn State University have turned an archive room in the library into the One Button Studio.  The new video recording set up is capable of creating professional-quality video projects without the support of camera operators or lighting technicians.

“All you need is a flash drive and the push of a button,” says Gail Roy, Assistant Dean of Learning Resources. “Now it will be easier than ever for faculty to record presentations or lectures and students to practice speeches or create videos for class projects.  We’re also looking forward to sharing this new facility with the community.”

Initiation of the One Button Studio will take place this Thursday, February 26 at 2 p.m.

The One Button Studio includes a computer, lighting, audio and high-tech camera equipment which is bundled together for effortless use.  The operator merely plugs a thumb drive into the computer to initiate the pre-set lighting, microphone and camera—a single button begins the recording.  When the video is complete, it’s saved on the thumb drive in a small and easy-to-use format as the system resets for the next user.

“Libraries across the country are evolving from places to check out reading materials to spaces where people gather to create, invent and learn,” Roy explained. “It’s a concept called Makerspace and our new One Button Studio is the first major component of this initiative for NMCC.”

The Makerspace objective is to physically engage people who use the library by providing tools for a type of hands-on workshop where they can build or create any number of projects.

“I can imagine this new facility being used by the public for such things as the recording of oral history or the creation of videos for web sites.  We’re thrilled to be the first in the state to utilize this technology and we look forward to sharing its potential,” Roy added.

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