Chief Darren R. Woods announced the appointment of four new Officers with the North Lakes Fire and Rescue Department

These promotions were presented to and approved by the Aroostook County Administrator.

 Promotions were given to the following individuals:


Capt. Josh Belanger

Lieutenant Joshua Belanger was promoted to Captain.

Lt. Shaun Merrill

Firefighter Shaun Merrill was promoted to Lieutenant.

Lt. Tim Browning

Firefighter Tim Browning was promoted to Lieutenant.

Lt. Dylan Cyr

Firefighter Dylan Cyr was promoted to Lieutenant.


Chief Woods stated that these promotions filled empty slots and will assist the department with having the appropriate span of control of officers to firefighters both on emergency scenes and at training classes.

“These men have all shown a big commitment to our department through their willingness to take outside educational opportunities and with all of the extra time that they put in at the fire stations.”  “They are all well deserving of their titles and I'm proud of them all.” said Woods.

The North Lakes Fire & Rescue covers the areas of Sinclair, Cross Lake, Square Lake and Madawaska Lake.  More information can be found at the department’s website at