Even with there being more rainfall than usual in June, New Brunswick officials say that the majority of the province is under a burn ban on Monday.

The no-burn order is in effect across the province with the exception of Madawaska, Victoria and Careton counties and is expected to remain active until at least 2PM on Monday. Yet, officials say that burning in the three counties exempt from the ban should be limited to 8pm and 8am.

According to the provincial government, there are currently no fires burning in New Brunswick. Yet, with forest fires raging on in Quebec, the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization started warning people with breathing issues to stay indoors over the weekend.

Environmental Canada reported this morning that the air quality health index is a three, which is regarded as a low risk.

Over the past decade, New Brunswick has experienced a well above average number of forest fires. So far in 2013, there have been nearly 736 hectares burned as the result of 305 fires compared to ten years ago when an average of 288 hectares were burned by 165 fires.