David Raymond, Chair of the Arts and Sciences Department at Northern Maine Community College, has had two articles accepted in The Explicator, a national resource publication for teachers and students of literature.


The Explicator is a quarterly journal dedicated to criticism of prose and poetry.

The soon-to-be-published article focuses on one of the most analyzed poems of Robert Frost:  “Two Tramps in Mud Time”.  Many interpret the work abstractly as a poem about the art of poetry writing, Frost’s disdain for the New Deal, or his views on the obligations we have to each other in our social relationships.  But in his paper, “The Philosophy of Work in Robert Frost’s ‘Two Tramps in Mud Time’”, Raymond takes a different view.

“My interpretation of the poem is a plain and simple portrait of the joy of work and the key to finding happiness in work,” Raymond explained.

Raymond has also published a paper called “The Legacy of Samuel J. Mills, Jr.” in the International Bulletin of Missionary Research.  Raymond became interested in Mills while researching and writing about one of the most prominent missionaries of the American foreign missions movement, Adoniram Judson.